Business Loan Program


The Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) Business Loan Program provides repayable loans for high-impact economic development opportunities where traditional funding may not be available.

Eligible projects:

  • Natural resource related, such as mining, forestry and commercial fishing, and their supply chains;
  • First Nations partnerships;
  • Strategic infrastructure.

Loan objectives

  • Priority will be given to projects that will allow the applicant to leverage and obtain other sources of financial support.

Who can apply?

  • Any business entity (e.g. corporation, limited partnership, general partnership, individual/sole proprietorship) north of the 21st township.

  • Any Indigenous entity or partnership that promotes and/or enhances Indigenous economic development outside the City of Winnipeg.

Applicant restrictions

  • Applicants with projects requiring financing within the lending limits of Community Futures Manitoba ( or First Peoples Economic Growth Fund ( will be referred to these organizations first.
  • We are currently not accepting applications for tourism or hospitality projects.

Loan limits

  • $2 million maximum.
  • No minimum.

Application process

  • Complete the application form.
    • Applications must include the size of the loan requested and proposed use of funds.
    • The application form includes a list of supporting documents that must be attached, including a business plan.
  • The business plan must:
    • Demonstrate the economic viability of the project.
    • Demonstrate the strategic benefit of the project for the community/province/northern Manitoba, including local employment impacts
    • Provide an estimate of the potential return on the provincial investment.
    • Identify the nature and value of assets available to secure the loan.
    • Provide proof of other confirmed or pending funding partners (for example: federal government, private lenders, financial institutions).
  • Submit application via:
    • Email:
    • Fax: 204-778-4313
    • Mail: 15 Moak Crescent, Thompson, MB R8N 2B8

For more information, please contact 204-778-4138 or email admin@cedf.mb.

To access a Business Loan Application please click here