Manitoba Mineral Development Fund – MMDF


MMDF replaces the Mining Community Reserve Fund and was developed to align with the priorities set out in Manitoba’s updated economic development framework, including Look North report and the Action Plan for Manitoba’s Northern Economy.

The purpose of the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund (MMDF) is to grow the mineral development industry and stimulate economic development in northern Manitoba. To do this, MMDF will provide grant funding to projects that benefit Manitoba’s economy and local communities alike, with a focus on projects related to the mining supply chain.


  1. Increase mineral exploration and development in Manitoba.
  2. Strengthen the mining value chain in Manitoba.
  3. Advance economic reconciliation through meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities, businesses, and the mining sector in Manitoba.
  4. Support economic development in mining communities impacted by changes in mining activity (closures, downsizing, expansion, new development)

The Manitoba Mineral Development Fund is administered by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC). Through the fund, communities, and businesses, including Indigenous groups, municipalities, and the not-for-profit sector, are eligible to apply for funding. Financial assistance from the fund could include one-time grants for activities that help advance new mining opportunities and outreach to First Nations for collaborative resource development.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. MMDF will contribute up to $50,000 towards short term projects and up to $300,000 towards medium- or long-term projects.

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