Computers 4 Schools MB Expand operations to now include Thompson, MB

Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) in collaboration with the Northern Manitoba Sector Council (NMSC) and Community Futures North Central Development assisted in the expansion of Computers 4 Schools Manitoba (C4SMB) opening a branch in Thompson, Manitoba in October 2021.  C4SMB receives, refurbishes and upgrades donated electronics and provide free or heavily discounted computers, printers and accessories for eligible clients in need across Northern Manitoba.

The program includes a paid training internship for anyone between the ages of 15 to 30 years old for a period of nine months.  The purpose of the internship is to help northerners who face barriers to modern technology by learning administrative, professional and technical IT skills.  The Computers for Schools Intern program is supported by the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy to help Canadian youth gain work experience, develop advanced digital skills and learn project management and teamwork. To date, the program has accepted 6 interns with one recent grad becoming employed full-time at the C4S Thompson branch.

The Computers 4 Schools facility in Thompson is also recycling E-waste in collaboration with The City of Thompson.  Individuals, governments and businesses can donate any used or unwanted computer, printer, or other electronic device or hardware, such as mouses, keyboards, webcams, power cords, power supplies, power adapters, routers, modems, cell phones, and televisions, as long as it doesn’t contain hazardous materials.  Please call C4S Thompson at 204-677-4640 if you would like to arrange a drop off.

Clients eligible for free or discounted equipment include public schools, libraries, First Nations schools, non-profit organizations, adult and post-secondary students, and families registered with the Homeschooling Office in northern Manitoba.  They can receive free or low cost ($100) desktop PCs, low cost laptops, free or low cost computer servers, free printers, and free peripherals, such as scanners, projectors, etc.

The new facility in Thompson, is an expansion of the Computers 4 Schools program located in Winnipeg to provide affordable computer hardware for communities in Thompson and its surrounding regions. From October 2021 to July 2022 over 300 computers have been distributed throughout the north from the program.  See for more information on the complete program.