Nelson River Logging Ltd.

January 17, 2020 Success Stories

Since founding Nelson River Logging Ltd. in 1992, owners Albert and Jim McIvor haven’t been sitting still. Always looking to grow their business, in their first year, they purchased a wood chipper. Several years later, they purchased a pre-engineered convex commercial steel structure to serve as the base for their business. In 1998, they purchased a delimber and in 2012, they purchased a feller buncher.

They credit the Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) for playing a key role in their success.

“They’ve been helping us since the beginning, with everything from the purchase of equipment to consolidating our debt when there was a downturn in the logging industry,” said Jim McIvor. “When we couldn’t get a bank loan to purchase our much-needed building, CEDF was there to help.”