CEDF Interviews Recent Graduate of Computers 4 Schools Thompson

Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) in collaboration with the Northern Manitoba Sector Council were pleased to provide assistance for the Computers 4 Schools (C4S) Manitoba program in expanding its operations to Northern Manitoba and opening a location in Thompson, MB in October 2021.  One of the components of the Computers 4 Schools program is the paid internship program that teaches interns aged 15-30 who are paid-to-train and over the course of approximately nine to twelve months, develop skills in technology repairs, warehousing, mentorship, and office administration. CEDF was pleased when a recent graduate of the internship program agreed to an interview on what the program meant for him.


Interviewer: Can you tell us what you were doing prior to joining the C4S program?

Nolan: Prior to entering the program I wasn’t employed and had no external income coming in for myself.

Interviewer: Can you tell us how you heard about the C4S Internship Program?

Nolan: Actually my mom saw the ad on a local Facebook page and I was interested in the program after reading more about it and what it offered.

Interviewer: Can you describe what the program was like? What was most useful and least useful?

Nolan: I didn’t find anything about the program not useful, all the information taught was new information for me as I didn’t have much experience in the areas that training was provided for.  I would like to acknowledge Kurtis McLeod, Manager for C4S in Thompson as he was an excellent instructor and mentor and was able to help with any questions I had.

Interviewer: How do you believe this program will benefit you in the future?

Nolan: This program really opened my eyes to all the opportunities that are out there in the area of IT and being a part of this program gave me strength to make the decision to go back to high-school and finish my grade 12 with the intention of continuing my education in an accredited program in the area of Computer Science.

Interviewer: Lastly, what would you say to someone who is considering joining the internship program at C4S?

Nolan: I would say go for it, you have to take the chance and this program has changed my life and could do the same for you.


CEDF would like to thank Nolan for taking time to speak with us and CEDF wishes you nothing but the best in your future.  Upon completion of this interview it showcases one of the reasons why CEDF saw tremendous value in being a partner on the expansion of the C4S program to the north.  CEDF believes C4S will be in the north for years to come offering services such as an e-waste drop off site, internship training program and provider of refurbished laptops and computers for little to no cost.


For more information on the Computers 4 Schools program, please visit www.c4smb.ca