New Experiential Tourism Operator “Pickled Loon Kitchen” hosts dinner for Northern Tourism Advisory Committee

Lyn Brown, Owner/Operator of Pickled Loon Kitchen (PLK) is a new experiential tourism operator and culinary artist whose business offers experiential tourism adventures in and around Flin Flon, MB. She offers immersive adventures, culinary education, catering and foraged food products using plants, roots and trees harvested locally from the boreal forest. Lyn received support from CEDF through the Look North initiative which assisted her in crafting a detailed business plan including costing and pricing her offering, marketing and connecting her to a consultant that created her website, promotional materials and assisted with online presence.

CEDF  was pleased to surprise attendees at the Northern MB Tourism Advisory Committee meeting that took place yesterday in Flin Flon with a dinner catered by Pickled Loon Kitchen.   This was a boreal foodie experience second to none and CEDF would like to acknowledge the amazing dinner and hospitality that PLK provided.  It’s safe to say you blew everyone’s socks off.  The menu included: Red clover blossom rainbow trout gravlax with a juniper berry mayo dollop, Wild blueberry beet borscht with sour cream garnished with stinging nettle seeds, Tomato yarrow pate with sesame seed crackers, Dandelion pesto pasta salad, Goldenrod flower cornbread with lambs quarter butter, Fireweed flower cheesecake , Juniper berry banana bread served with goldenrod jelly, rosehip jelly and rose petal butter.

For more information on Pickled Loon Kitchen, please visit their website at 


What Is Experiential Tourism?

Experiential tourism is a more authentic and immersive form of tourism by which a private tourism business, or destination marketing organization, offers travellers rich cultural experiences and adventures at special environments or locations that allow them to slowly, actively and meaningfully experience and learn the local stories, history, culture, food and geography and see, feel, hear, smell and taste snacks, drinks, farms, trails, beaches, forests, lakes, rivers, valleys, etc. with local guides and hosts.