CEDF reaches out to the Northern Business Community with Survey on impacts of Minimum Wage Increase as announced by Province

The Province of Manitoba has requested CEDF reach out to the business community across Northern Manitoba to get the business communities feedback on the following questions.  Please note, no personal business information is requested nor required.  If you have a few minutes to please complete the short four question survey and return by Friday, September 2nd, 2022.


  1. What percentage of your workforce will be impacted by the increase to minimum wage?


  1. What are the impacts to the business operations and/or functions as a result of this increase to minimum wage?


  1. Are there any supports or other opportunities that Government should consider to help ease the transition to a higher minimum wage?



  1. If Government didn’t provide any supports to business, what measures would you need to take in order to accommodate the minimum wage increase?


Note: Government asks that when taking part in this survey that comments remain focused on the impacts and concerns regarding the minimum wage increase to ensure timely implementation of a support program.

CEDF would like to take this opportunity to “Thank you” for your time on completing this survey.  All information returned will be compiled and a summary of findings will be provided to Government. Completed surveys can be submitted to to Leann Brown, Manager of Programs & Projects at lbrown@cedf.mb.ca