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What our clients are saying:

Darryl & Kim Pierce, Benito Premium Meats Ltd.

Benito MB

“CEDF was there for our family when we relocated to open our business. We look forward to dealing with them in the future.”

Nelson River Logging Ltd.

“CEDF has assisted Nelson River Logging Ltd. (NRL) from the very beginning. Thanks CEDF for assisting us with our business.”

McBeth Fisheries


“The Fisher River McBeth Board of Directors are grateful for the financial support provided by CEDF that assists in the growth of our local commercial fishery.”

Penny Rawlings, Arctic Trading Company

Churchill, MB

“This loan gave us ability to only make loan payments during our high season.”

Board of Directors, Norway House Commercial Fishermen’s Co-op

Norway, MB

“The fishers of the Norway House Fishermen’s Co-op thank CEDF for their assistance throughout the years and look forward to a continued successful relationship.”

Guy Laframboise & Wendy Popika

“CEDF has definitely helped us succeed in business.“

Gerald Slater

Norway House Cree Nation

“We appreciate the understanding and support of our partners like the Communities Economic Development Fund.”